Kols Offering Token — KOT

Kols Offering Token
7 min readJun 10, 2021


Kols stands for Key Opinions Leaders, that is, people with great influence on the online community are invited to participate in a media campaign to spread the word.

The development of technology, the emergence of Kols, positive changes, people gradually know that Kols are important tools in Marketing at businesses.

Effectively using Kols in the “push trend” campaign for brands on social networks in a short time will help businesses achieve some KPIs in terms of points, interactions, and orders very quickly.


Celeb group

This group brings together the most famous people who have the widest, largest and strongest influence on a certain age group or industry.

Their role is not only the face of a brand, the image of a brand… but also strongly influences the lifestyle, culture, and orientation of the generation.

This target group possesses popularity not only on social networks but also in media channels, newspapers, television, etc.

Influencer Group

Although they share the same influence on the community, the scope of Influencers is narrower than the Celeb group, and this group often thrives on social media. They have quite a strong voice in a certain field community.

Mass Seeder Group

The object of influence of the Mass seeder group is a small set of customers. They are the ones who give readers unbiased, honest reviews about products or services. Besides, they can PR by sharing content from the two groups above.


This is the operation of doing business in whole or in part by means of an electronic commerce system. In simpler terms, e-commerce is the buying and selling of products or services through the internet and other electronic means.

These transactions include all activities such as: transaction, purchase, payment, order, promotion and delivery.

Kols Commerce was formed on the idea of combining the potential of Kols services with the trend of e-commerce. Kols services will be developed on our system, and the transaction and conversion of that service is represented by tokens representing the organization — individual — company they are developing. this service area.

The healthy competition brings an increase in value for the tokens of the KOLs service development organizations in the future more specifically the KOT token will be a multi-tasking intermediary token (IDO , IEO, IFO..) to legalize the above conversion and transaction. More specifically, the value of KOT will grow rapidly in the shortest time, which is the basis on which we launched this project.


Kols Token Exchange will provide services that will allow Kols to create their own tokens to build their influence on a whole new level, supporting Concession and Incentive projects for fans fan, multinational affiliated organization, or charity, and offer loyalty rewards or special offers to fans who receive tokens.

Users can experience our service when watching Videos/cards/short clips…. To get KOT tokens that can be exchanged and converted to any other cryptocurrency


Technology 4.0 is currently associated with an inseparable trend that is cryptocurrency. Represented by BTC, ETH, BNB…. They are an entity that exists and operates right next to us. From developing the development team’s services to the cryptocurrency platform, building off-market traded tokens, penetrating the economic, educational and social management, the development team will now Enter the world entertainment industry.

We create an e-commerce site for the purpose of exchanging, trading, depositing, making profit, or customers can experience the service, entertain and generate income with the tokens we develop.


Kols Commerce is a system consisting of alternate ecosystems around Kols Commerce’s e-commerce site with the presence of a Common Token of Kols (Kols Offering Token) including Star, Kols and Hot Face Book in the world. gender or certain countries we associate with appearance. Each individual will have his or her own representative token assigned the common token KOT, the value of each token will correspond to the brand name of each Kols or potential Kols that bring great value to the community. customers invest in them.

More specifically, the Kols Commerce ecosystem, we will bring to service Kols trademarked products or their own virtual reality (NFT) items.

Partners can completely choose which token or token pair is suitable to include their products and advertising.


The token that owns the world’s largest Kols network easy exchange in all transactions, while increasing economic value for owners. Future DEFI platform to create business ideas, exchange services and own unique Kols Token for users.

Store information for BIG FANs NFT KOT app for entertainment service.

Bringing an exchange environment for the community, upgrading the telecommunications social network in the future

Intermediary tokens exchange with the tokens of organizations individuals in the field of Kols



Business model will be launched to help people Join our first fundraising, generate profit. Maximum profit is based on financial resources invested in the project and KOT increases in market price.


Intermediate sampling is what the PANCAKE SWAP KOLS system will do represent an exchange of value.


The NFT platform sells Kols — Branded items. Built on BSC Network. NFT Kols will be a great source of income with great returns that big fans invest in. A cross platform application developed for users to access the Kols Commerce service at all times.


There will be certain levels of ownership/staking of KOT to become the noble title of KOT BIG FAN to enjoy special benefits with super preferential ARP.


Today’s application allows users to optimize their needs on a social networking platform. This is also a tool for Kols to interact with BIG FANs around the world. Through this special feature the exchange of personal tokens and KOT is secure and verification of the exchange becomes easy.



  • Ticker Symbol: KOT
  • Network: Binance Smart Chain — BEP20
  • Starting Price Pre-IEO: $0,1
  • Total Supply: 100,000,000
  • Maximum Eroiy for Sale: 10,000,000
  • Minimum Purchase: Any Amount of KOT


KOT will be issued on the BINANCE SMART CHAIN platform and fully compliant with the BEP20 standard. The support of this standard ensures compatibility of the token with third-party services (wallets, exchanges, listings, etc.)

What is Binance Smart Chain?

What is Binance Smart Chain? Discover everything there is to know about Binance Smart Chain
Bitcoin is more and more interested and choosing to enter the cryptocurrency market means that many new forms of investment are also born. Let’s find out specific information about Binance Smart Chain in this article.

Binance Smart Chain abbreviated as BSC is understood as an advanced blockchain that is much improved compared to the original version of Binance Chain. But BSC is a parallel platform not a replacement for the old one.

BSC will provide users with smart contracts and compatibility with Ethereum through the EVM.

How does Binance Smart Chain work?

BSC uses the Proof of Staked Authority (PoSA) algorithm, which is a hybrid model of Poof of Authority and Proof of Stake. In the Binance Smart Chain system, validators to the network are those who stake a certain amount of Binance (BNB) and then receive transaction fees after validating blocks accepted on this network.

Binance Chain and Binance Smart Chain have a completely synchronized design and have built-in cross-chain compatibility between the two. With BSC, assets can be moved quickly between blockchains, combining the fast cryptocurrency trading capabilities of the original with the smart contract functionality of the improved version.

Binance Chain has BEP-2 and BEP-8 tokens that are also swappable with Smart Chain’s BEP-20 tokens. dApp creators on other blockchains can move EVM to Binance Smart Chain relatively easily thanks to compatibility.

BSC will be very attractive to dApp operators as Ethereum continues to grow and GAS fees will increase although Etherum’s plan to transition to PoS model in Ethereum 2.0 is likely to alleviate some of the concerns about regulation. current model.

The main advantages of Binance Smart Chain

The biggest advantage of Binance Smart Chain is that it combines the best of both technologies together.

In particular, the advantage of BSC is the short block generation time and low transaction costs, which will support new users to convert assets in the fastest way with low transaction costs. Binance Smart Chain has EVM-compatible programming and cross-chain communication capabilities, which will help improve work efficiency for programmers.



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