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4 min readSep 30, 2021


KOT Ecosystem is announcing the brand new name: KARASWAP

It is a Decentralized Exchange which has a lot of features not only for KOT community but also for all People who interested in Crypto, Entertainment, Art and Games to join in to get benefit and enjoy their hobbies.

The exchange platform will be the core value for Karaswap. It is the place for all token to join in and add liquidity to provide the pair of exchange. With KOT, there will be the place for our own community to trade, exchange and own KOT token. We can provide more than 3 pairs for KOT so people have more choices to invest and buy KOT.

Next is the Pool/stake: For KOT community, we are all familiar with Stake and now we publish a staking Program for all new and current participants who own KOT. They can earn more KOT by staking KOT followed by the period (3,6,12 months). Moreover, with the Pool, participants can earn bonus by high valued token if they join pool in the early stages.

Farm: For supporting the liquidity of KOT, people can join the farm which putting KOT and other tokens (BNB, BUSD, USDT…) to have more interests and bonus from Karaswap. When it’s ready, It will show the effective of Farming and the benefit will very great for who own more KOT.

K-livestream: K livestream is an application for KOL and fans are connecting together and combine with Blockchain technology and NFTs. It is not like a simple streaming application, it allows KOLs to communicates with their fans by streaming, give a Gift or selling their own NFT items such as: Pictures, GIF, music or even videos. K-livestreams helps KOLs to have their own NFT and token that and scale up the value of KOL’s Images.

Game and airdrop: The phrase “Play to earn” or “click to earn”, “view to earn” are very common and we want to integrate it to Karaswap through games and Airdrop mission. People can play games to earn tokens, see videos to have token or just click to follow or like a post to own token … These are all interesting features that are coming soon in the next stages on Karaswap. Moreover, it will attract people even they do not know about crypto, technology or games still can join in and earn token from that.

All the features above are coming this year that KOT prepare everything for serving community in order to build up ecosystem for long term Development. People in community will experience each feature and step by step to get used and familiar with Karaswap. Basic and friendly are the criteria that Karaswap target for users. Pool, Farm and Swap are all basic features that every DEX has but with Karaswap we believe what we give for Client is the great benefit and easy to use. Moreover, we will have events for new participants every week with attractive prizes and gifts.

For special Service like Game, K-livestream KOT will make their own community on social networks to spread out their own unique features and attract people in the Game and entertainment industry first. Karaswap is the tool for them to be able to join and interact with the Services and Cryptocurrency they use and NFT they want to exchange and trade. It would be Great traffic when 2 services are launching and get lots of users then Karaswap is the place where people need to join in and create a transaction on that.

Each Service/Feature has their own Set of customers and KOT create Karaswap to be a Connection Point for Different types of Clients can Participate in and the Blockchain technology now can control and operating everything. That is why Karaswap Slogan is: Mind Your Asset — with Blockchain technology, services provided, the convenience of transaction and User friendly Interface, We can let all Clients understand how to keep and mind their asset, their Cryptos, NFT to be useful and reasonable.

In conclusion, Karaswap will be launched in October and it will make a big change for not only KOT and also the Crypto community will pay attention to this Platform and its features. With the Technology Era 4.0, Karaswap and KOT wants all people participate in to Enjoy the entertainment with our services and use our own Crypto in the right way with happiness and Satisfaction.


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Telegram: https://t.me/kolsofferingtokens